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EDIT: This contest is extended to 4. April because we 've not finished setup the server!!

Hi guys!

We were thinking about something. As we finish soon our Counter Strike: Global Offensive Server then you shall of course be part of it. You would once have this opportunity! Take it true! We donate 1 gift code for CS:GO!
This Contest goes from 4. February to 5. March.

The only thing you need to do is:
  1. Register at www.j4f.clan.net
  2. At the Registration, fill in your Steam ID
  3. Post a comment here (in this topic) with your Steam ID, and why exactly YOU should get that present

All who have already registered, follow only step 2+3. Each step will be checked! So be sure you've done it

If you got any problems with that code, let us know it at: [email protected]

We, founders of #j4f| acknowledge that this contest about 1 gift code for Counter Strike which will take place legally. The owner enriches itself not financially to the gift. Furthermore, this is code officially been purchased by http://store.steampowered.com/.
Anyone can order at each time a screenshot about the steps wich are solved (user screenshots) from the completion of the contest.

We are not liable for:

  • If the winner after receiving the gift, will delete his account.
  • If the winner does not use the gift on our Servers.
Hello Gamers !

My name is Hayes. I am the appointed Director of a online game called missionchief. It is a fairly new game and still developing new things for this game. Now before you all scroll pass this let me just say that it's FREE & NO DOWNLOAD REQUIRED. All you need to do is register and begin playing. In this game you are able to join any of our alliance I would like to encourage players who decide to stick with the game to join my team, Arizona First Responders . Missionchief is a online game that allows the player to be in charge of their game choosing where they wanna play! Build fire, police, ems stations including hospitals, helicopter pads, and academy training facilities. Respond to emergency calls with your alliance before the time runs out. Build up credits to purchase vehicles. Be sure to sign up for the forum to keep updated on our upcoming updates and all the other cool things in store! Meet people from around the world! Check it out and give it a try!

= Raid Final =

[​IMG] >

This is the final version of Magic's Allied-attack map, "Raid".

= Storyline =

The Axis forces have hidden a stash of gold in a nearby library, located in a beautiful Italian village. The Allies must steal a truck and fight their way through the village to the library. Once there, they must raid the library vault, steal the gold crate, put it on the truck and make their escape.

= Screenshots =

[​IMG] > [​IMG] > [​IMG] > [​IMG] >

[​IMG] > [​IMG] > [​IMG] > [​IMG] >

Download the new version HERE

Source -...

LoRenz presents his new Enemy Territory Sniper map - LRS Highway Sniper beta 1.

"This map we are in a traffic jam, so, we can spend our time for snipe, and try to get out alive. Watch your steps, if you fall from the vehicle, you die."

Thanks to |LRS|Mo0n, Cate Armstrong and me, who gave their face for the drivers.
Thanks to (HBC)Hannes who gave his motorbike picture and sound.
Thanks to |LRS|Elite who gave his music for trucks.

Have fun :)

Source: Big thx to LoRenz via Mail

Thud in the Sand Beta 1 - This is a new ET Allied-attack map created by WuTangH. The map environment is situated in a small Egyptian-styled town and ends up in underground Axis bunkers.

Allied Objectives
Primary: Steal the Dynamite and deliver it to the truck.
Primary: Escort the truck and destroy the city gate.
Primary: Destroy the tunnels gate to gain access into underground bunkers.
Primary: Use the button in the control cabin to move the rockets out of safe.
Primary: Steal the Captains key from his table and deliver it to the safe to open it.
Primary: Steal the case, moneypack 1 and moneypack 2 and deliver them to the green truck in the rich part of city.
Secondary: Destroy the hovel wall to gain one more access point that leads to the dynamite.

Source: wolffiles.de

Wolfenstein4ever celebrates 10th anniversary - Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Enemy Territory are still alive, thanks to a hard-working community, faithful players, some websites and the fact that there are still no new comparable MP game, which is also still free.

I wish you all still a lot of fun with our beloved Wolf games as long as possible!! ;-)


Wolfenstein4ever feiert 10 jähriges bestehen - Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Enemy Territory leben immer noch, dank fleißiger Community, treuen Spielern, einigen Webseiten und der Tatsache, das es immer noch kein neues vergleichbares MP-Game gibt, welches auch noch kostenlos ist.

Ich wüsnche euch allen weiterhin viel Spaß mit unseren geliebten Wolfgames, solange es geht! ;-)

d3Xter @ wolfenstein4ever