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Hi guys!

We were thinking about something. As we finish soon our Counter Strike: Global Offensive Server then you shall of course be part of it. You would once have this opportunity! Take it true! We donate 1 gift code for CS:GO!
This Contest goes from 4. February to 5. March.

The only thing you need to do is:
  1. Register at www.j4f.clan.net
  2. At the Registration, fill in your Steam ID
  3. Post a comment here (in this topic) with your Steam ID, and why exactly YOU should get that present

All who have already registered, follow only step 2+3. Each step will be checked! So be sure you've done it

If you got any problems with that code, let us know it at: [email protected]

We, founders of #j4f| acknowledge that this contest about 1 gift code for Counter Strike which will take place legally. The owner enriches itself not financially to the gift. Furthermore, this is code officially been purchased by http://store.steampowered.com/.
Anyone can order at each time a screenshot about the steps wich are solved (user screenshots) from the completion of the contest.

We are not liable for:

  • If the winner after receiving the gift, will delete his account.
  • If the winner does not use the gift on our Servers.
[​IMG] >

Teutis released his very nice map Teutoburg Forest


The Allies have surrounded the famous Teutoburg forest, an impervious forest in northwest Germany. The Axis are hiding a substantial amount of gold in the forest. The Axis are trying to escape from the forest with the gold. The Allies are trying to prevent this for all costs.

| Objectives:..
| Axis:..
| 1:..Escort the truck with the gold to the nearby train station
| 2:..Destroy the main entrance
| 3:..Escort the truck over the bridge
| 4:..Load the gold on the Train
| 5:..Escape with the gold from the forest

| Secondary objectives

| - Built the command post to create an alternative Spawn
| - Destroy the Allied command post command post

| Allies:..
| 1:..Prevent the Axis from reaching the train station with the gold
| 2:..Prevent the Axis from destroying the main entrance
| 3:..Prevent the Axis from escorting the truck over the bridge
| 4:..Prevent the Axis from loading the gold on the train
| 5:..Prevent the Axis from escaping with the gold from the forest

Secondary objectives
- Built the command post
| - Destroy Axis command post command post

[​IMG] > [​IMG] >

[​IMG] > [​IMG] >

Download or test the map...

Snipermap - UJE Rotterdam Sniper - made by [UJE] Niek

This is an adjusted version of the objective map Rotterdam.

Always wanted to snipe in the harbours of Rotterdam? This is you're chance.
Both sides are filled with lot's of sniperspots. So take a look and have fun sniping.
Rotterdam sniper is a No Crossing map so you can lean back and relax and enjoy the view.

LoRenz presents his new Enemy Territory sniper map - LRS WW1 Sniper - with a very nicely World War 1 style.

This map is about the first mondial war. There is a secret little museum, with some pics about animals used in the WW1.

Have fun :)
= Return to Castle Wolfenstein Venom Mod =

= Version 4.5 =

[​IMG] >

HellBaron89 has released another update for his Return to Castle Wolfenstein Mod, Venom Mod Gold, with further optimizations, new textures and effects for both Singleplayer and Multi-player modes.

= New Features =

# Updated HD crosshairs and HD game fonts.

# New light flares.

# New effects.

# Balanced AI.

= Screenshots =

[​IMG] > [​IMG] > [​IMG] > [​IMG] >

[​IMG] > [​IMG] > [​IMG] > [​IMG] >

Download the new version of RtCW Venom Mod HERE

Source -...

As we thought about a long time to be multigaming clan, we are ready for it. BUT as we
are a Free Gaming Clan, it is not easy to add games wich are free to play and online
multiplaying games because there are not alot "good and popular".
So we decided to add also some games wich are payable and ready for multiplayer. But
as we are a community, we want to ask YOU wich games you prefer and play most
except ET. We thought about Minecraft, Unturned, Team Fortress; but you may choose.
So we've created a poll where you can choose your favorite games.

EACH may vote; the poll ends on 24th January 2015; 3 opinions are allowed

If you want to vote for other games wich are not listed in the poll, post them here!