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EDIT: This contest is extended to 4. April because we 've not finished setup the server!!

Hi guys!

We were thinking about something. As we finish soon our Counter Strike: Global Offensive Server then you shall of course be part of it. You would once have this opportunity! Take it true! We donate 1 gift code for CS:GO!
This Contest goes from 4. February to 5. March.

The only thing you need to do is:
  1. Register at www.j4f.clan.net
  2. At the Registration, fill in your Steam ID
  3. Post a comment here (in this topic) with your Steam ID, and why exactly YOU should get that present

All who have already registered, follow only step 2+3. Each step will be checked! So be sure you've done it

If you got any problems with that code, let us know it at: [email protected]

We, founders of #j4f| acknowledge that this contest about 1 gift code for Counter Strike which will take place legally. The owner enriches itself not financially to the gift. Furthermore, this is code officially been purchased by http://store.steampowered.com/.
Anyone can order at each time a screenshot about the steps wich are solved (user screenshots) from the completion of the contest.

We are not liable for:

  • If the winner after receiving the gift, will delete his account.
  • If the winner does not use the gift on our Servers.
= CTF Firelite Beta 1 =

[​IMG] >

This is Magic's new map release, CFT Firelite. As the title of the map suggests, it's a new "CTF", ( Capture The Flag ), frag map. On this version, however, it's not just a case of capturing and defending various flags in order to win the round.

Each team must capture the enemy's flags and get them all the way back to their own base. Each team must complete this objective for a total of three times to gain victory over their opponents.

Magic would like to thank the following members of the Wolfenstein Community for their help in creating his new map:

- Dood for the map botfiles and waypoints

- Avoc for the map skybox

- Rayban for his example maps and models

= Screenshots =

[​IMG] > [​IMG] > [​IMG] > [​IMG] >

Download the new map HERE

Source - Splashdamage - Magic
= ET Dark PHX - a.k.a. ET Dark Road =

[​IMG] >

This is a Wolf ET remake of the Return to Castle Wolfenstein singleplayer classic map, "Dark", which has been created by Pheonix and R3b3L.


The Allied troops must steal a Jadgpanther tank and fight their way through the long dark road that leads to Wolfenstein. The Allies will use their stolen tank to blast open an access route that will take them to the tomb of the war god, Heinrich, who the Axis forces are determined to resurrect in order to change the course of the war.

Once the access route to Heinrich's tomb is opened, the Allies must plant and detonate dynamite inside the underground tomb in order to rid the world of the threat of Heinrich once and for all. The Axis forces will do all in their power to prevent this from happening.

"I'm sure that this map, regardless of the objectives, will be appreciated by most of the veteran RtCW and Wolf ET players and I hope that it revives many beautiful and nostalgic moments from Return to Castle Wolfenstein." - Pheonix


[​IMG] > [​IMG] > [​IMG] > [​IMG] >

[​IMG] >...

Enemy Territory Snipermap UJE skull sniper beta 1 made by [UJE] Niek

Again a kind of spooky map.
It's a dark arena setting ,where it's possible to cross ...
The gates will open every 2 minutes so non crossers will have a good time too , i hope.....
It's not easy to cross you first have to find the way.

* Alot of funny and scary sounds in it
* Gate scripting made by Sage (Thanks for that)
* Beast inside

Source: ujeclan.com
Battalion 1944 - State of the Union Livestream

[​IMG] >

As the majority of our players and developers are interested in the Battlefield announcement, currently slated for same time as we intended to stream, we have chosen to move our "State of the Union" Dev Stream to Friday May 13th, 2016 at 19:00 GMT with Community Manager BigTuna and Executive Producer Joe Brammer.

Battalion 1944 has been funded for 2 months now. Therefore we have a lot to update you all on so we are all excited for this Livestream and to let you know the developments that have been made.

[​IMG] >​

Recently the Devteam ran a poll on the forums to decide the best night for Bulkhead to present the Battalion livestreams. The community spoke and they have been heard. Bulkhead will be streaming live from their office on Friday May 13th at 19:00 GMT.

Here's a recap on what is happening and what we will be covering during our Livestream:

- Budget and Financing Battalion
- The Game Developers Conference and how it benefitted Battalion
- Our plans for Anti-Cheat and Server Hosting going forward
- Announcing the details of our first Community Play Night!
- The new Battalion website & PayPal
- Live Q&A

At approximately 21:30 GMT we will release an update on the Kickstarter page and the forums disclosing a text based version of the Battalion 1944 finances.

Have any questions? After the talking points are complete, Joe and Tuna will participate in a live Q&A and will aim to get through as many of your questions as possible!

You have a Twitter account? Then please follow Battalion 1944 on Twitter for all important updates and developments HERE

To tune in to the Livestream, join...
= RtCW SP Station - Stalingrad & Green Forest - Remastered =

[​IMG] >

This is Vicpas' new remastered release of the Return to Castle Wolfenstein singleplayer missions, "Station", Stalingrad" and "Green Forest", which were originally created by Dialog.

= Changes =

- All missing textures have been fixed

- The "alarm" problem on the "Station" mission is now corrected

- All the necessary drivers needed are included in the download

***Please remember to make a backup of your original RtCW drivers, prior to installing the new missions.***

Many thanks to Dialog and Vicpas for all their hard work.

= Screenshots =

[​IMG] > [​IMG] > [​IMG] > [​IMG] >

[​IMG] > [​IMG] > [​IMG] >...