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= ET:Legacy - News Update =

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Over the summer development has been going slower than usual, but we don't want to leave you completely hanging. While we are still wrapping our heads around a few issues blocking the next release, a sneak peek into the map-porting section might help lighten the mood.

These are "work in progress" screenshots, which means the areas shown are still subject to change.

# ET:L Bergen Screenshots

[​IMG] > [​IMG] > [​IMG] > [​IMG] > [​IMG] >

[​IMG] > [​IMG] > [​IMG] > [​IMG] >...
Because i hear complaints more often that the ping on our servers, which are located in US, are so high; i will tell you something and give you tips and tricks to avoid lags.

Some servers from #j4f are located in US. These are*: silEnT, Panzwerwar, NQ and Public ETPro. And we are not able nor we want, to change their location. The most ppl who plays ET do not live in Europe, therefore we choosed US as location. Except our Beginners server is located in Europe, Germany. Why? Because we have our server previously hosted by another vendor and this server was also located in Europe, Germany.
High Ping:
Yes it's true, there is a high ping on servers wich are located in US, for those who come from Europe. Also for us. And some players may be confused by a high ping, and think that they have lags and it has to do with it. Lags have ONLY PARTLY to do with the high ping. You should not forget that a high ping also has something to do with your internet provider, with your i-connection. Someone who has a good connection and 200mb download, will have a better ping than someone who have only 8 mb.
*This servers have fixed ping!​

Lags arise mostly through a bad config, a bad PC and its parts or a bad connection. Of course, the server can also be "bad". I want to give you a small example:
If i set double in server config g_dropammo to 2 and 1x to g_dropammo 3 , in mapconfigs to
g_dropammo 1.

What do you think what happens then? He does not understand and provides this to the factory settings. If i would have a great config, a good PC and ingame a ping from 200 that do not means that i have lags. Only when the server is well configured!​

= Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Singleplayer Mission =

= Beach Defend =

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A new Return to Castle Wolfenstein singleplayer mission, created by Ronboy and Vicpas. This level was initially created for the addon, "Operation Deathshead", but it was not included in that project and was instead completed as a singleplayer level.


You and your Axis Storm Troopers, who are defending the beaches, ports and harbours of Europe, find yourselves under attack from a heavily-armed Allied attack force, who are trying to establish a beach-head in your area. You must repel these Allied invaders, eliminate their entire force and also destroy their submarine, which is located just offshore from your base.


[​IMG] > [​IMG] > [​IMG] > [​IMG] >

[​IMG] > [​IMG] > [​IMG] >...
= Urban Territory 44 Beta 1 =

[​IMG] >

This is a new Axis-attack map, created by Fabi and Stoerfaktor.


The Axis team have to destroy the safe, steal the Allied Combat Maps and bring them to the nearby truck in order to make their escape.


[​IMG] > [​IMG] > [​IMG] > [​IMG] > [​IMG] >

Download or test the new map HERE

Please report any map bugs HERE

Source - Splatterladder - Stoer

Hello @all!

We would like to announce that #j4f| celebrates their 1 year anniversary!

In June last year, we established the clan and now have more than 27 members.
And more than 80 visitors per day! In one year it has done a lot. A total of 5 server
with different mods, co-operation with 2 other clans, a new forum software, and a
lot of new friends who support us!

In this sense, we would like to thank some people who believe in us and support us
very much! Special thanks goes to:
* ErMazzan: Clan Leader, a really good friend and right hand from #j4f|
* dediserverhosting.com: great servers, great support and very experienced in ET
* Kate: Leader from enemyterritory-stuff.net, very nice and supportive
* Datsik: Leader of RaTe clan, loyal and good co-operation
* daredevil: Leader of fearless-assassins.com, very helpful and great support

and of course all of our Members and Visitors!

To celebrate that, we would like to invite you to our first birthday! The party will take
place on our beginners server on saturday july 9th. We will be present already in the
early morning and lasts all day.

We hope to see you at our partyand have a lot of fun with you!

See you :)

Date: 09/07/2016
Time: 8 CEST - open end
Server: #j4f| Beginners #1...

We have reached the 97th place in the world ranking! (Status: 28/06/2016 GameTracker)

A year ago our clan was founded by kino and SadNesS. We have experienced until now many ups and downs.
But that has not thrown us out of the ground. On the contrary, we have become more stronger! And we owe you!
Only YOU! We founders have contributed only a small part of it.

We never intended to achieve such a ranking. We just want to have fun and not let Enemy Territory die. But now it is so that we play with the (still remaining) greatest of ET world. This is just great! Still we did not reach before an even better ranking. We want to gamble, with YOU! With all of YOU! Whatever mod, no matter when, no matter how good.

In this sense, we would like to thank you ALL! You are the best! Keep it up! Thank you very much <3!

We are not heroes, but legends!

kino & SadNesS